FX300 – Series Wood Range Hood

The FX300 Series range hood is a transition range hood with a multitude of options for the creative designer.  This range hood can be a stand along unit or it can be mounted flush between two cabinets.   The FX300 can be ordered with or without panels.   When the FX300 is ordered with an (UP) Upper Panel – the designer can specify how many panels they want 1- 2 or 3.  (Please note that the 1 panel option does require the panel to be a paint grade mdf)   When the (UP) Upper Panel is selected, the Upper Panel will be removable which will allow for easier installation and ventilation inspection.

The FX300 can also be ordered with a (BP) Base Panel.  This base panel can also be ordered with 1, 2 or 3 panels.   The standard base is 6″ tall.

The grain on this hood will be horizontal unless specified otherwise.

This hood will fit the mesh liner or baffle liner or this hood can be modified to fit aftermarket ventilation.   Custom widths and heights are always available.

FXBPUP - FX with 2 panel Base Panel and 1 Panel upper


FX300 with upper and base panel

FXBP- FX with 2 panel Base Panel


FX300 Series w/ Base Panel only – 2


FX300 Series


FX300 Series with battens


FX300BP with battens

FX300 Series Installed Gallery