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These hoods come with stainless steel baffle bases.  The base includedes the lights, baffle filters, switches and bulbs.  You can choose between one of seven ventilators from 300 CFM to 1500 CFM to work for your specific cooking needs.  The bases are 22.25" deep and come in widths of 30, 36, 42, 48, 54 and 60" wide.  The base height is 6" tall.

Z300 with Stainless  B with Stainless D with Stainless
E with Stainless G with STainless T with Stainless

Z200 Series Range hood



This curved range hood is designed to be fit between cabinets or as a stand alone piece.  The front slope provides and elegant addition to any kitchen.

Z200 Z200 OA

The E Series range hood is the pinnacle of range hoods.  This hood has beautiful sloping curves which add elegance and grace to any kitchen.  This hood can be ordered with classical or simple moldings.  

This hood also has a veneer delete option if you are planning to plaster the top portion of the hood.  A decorative metal banding option is also available.1 E Spartina

This hood will fit the mesh liner or baffle liner or this hood can be modified to fit aftermarket ventilation.   Custom widths and heights are always available.

Download E-Series Wood Range Hood Specification Sheet


EDP2ERSE classical



Z300 Series


 Download Z300-Series Wood Range Hood Specification Sheet

 This hood is simple clean lines.  It can be ordered in sizes from 30" to 60" wide.  The height can be ordered up to 54" tall.  The Z300 has a base which can be unscrewed so that you can finish the base in one color and the top in another.  A stainless baffle base option is also available.  Rendering and kitchen design done by


Z300BK       Z300SS 1         Z300SS 2    







Autokitchenbx     WebAutokitchen


Stanisci Design is pleased to announce the new Bristol hood (BX).  Order it in an unique species and off set it from the kitchen or have it match your cabinetry.  BX hoods can be ordered with and without the horizontal line option.   This hood is available in all 12 of our standard species of wood plus additional species available on request.   Stainless baffle base option is also available on this hood.


Download BX-Series Wood Range Hood Specification Sheet


  bxss     bxbt     bx